Prized, Rare Magnums Available

Graham Tucker | August 4, 2020

To Savor & Enjoy

The last several months I have done a lot of reflection – looking back on many of the simple, yet profound pleasures we unfortunately can no longer enjoy. Wine consumption, however, has been a delightful exception and these challenging times have strengthened my resolve to regularly savor interesting and delicious wine, as well explore new realms, varietals, and producers. 

Which brings me to the topic of large formats, particularly magnums – they’re the optimal size to relish and take pleasure in consuming your favorite wines. There is a novelty to pouring a magnum that elevates any and every occasion. Even routine get togethers or evenings dining-in with a magnum in hand will feel superlative and celebratory.

And most importantly, the maturation process a wine goes through (given the right conditions of course…) in a magnum format is ideal (the wine to glass to air ratio), and not just for wine you plan to age for years. Even younger wine is inherently more enjoyable out of a magnum – white wine and Champagne tastes particularly fresh, vibrant and radiant while red wine can often taste palpably deeper compared to their 750 ml counterparts.

Below we are excited to highlight our best, most prized wines available in magnum format to savor and enjoy now and for years to come!