Pomerol's Finest: Petrus and Le Pin

By Pierre-Antoine Bollet | December 2017

These two wines need no introduction. Petrus and Le Pin make headlines as the world's most sought after wines on a regular basis. While the records at Petrus show that vineyards were already established in the 1750's, its mythical status was only acquired in the last 50 years. As per Le Pin, it is really since 1979 and its creation by the Thienpont family that this tiny property has made its fame.

Rarely available, these two chateaux offer an experience of Merlot at its best. Petrus is aromatically very complex and intense, with spice, coffee, cinnamon, truffles and wet earth, and one of the most velvety textures in the wine world. Le Pin's style is one of Bordeaux most exotic and decadent, with notes of jammy, black cherry and currant, in addition to the lush ripe plum and black cherry scents.