Our Best Magnums Available for Purchase

Graham Tucker | July 31, 2021

Always impressive and statement-worthy, magnums are THE optimal size to relish and take pleasure in consuming your favorite wines.

There is a novelty to pouring a magnum that elevates every occasion. Even routine get-togethers or evenings dining-in with a magnum in hand will feel superlative and celebratory. Not to mention, showing up to your friend’s or neighbor’s pool party or barbeque with one will instantly dazzle - they are the perfect size for group entertainment.

Most importantly, wine is inherently more enjoyable out of a magnum – white wine and Champagne tastes particularly fresh and radiant, while red wine can often taste deeper and more pronounced compared to their 750 ml counterparts. And, if you are a patient collector, magnums will certainly be just as rewarding, if not more – the maturation process a wine goes through in a magnum is ideal (the wine to glass to air ratio).

Our lineup of magnums below showcase wines of fantastic typicity and diversity to savor now and for years to come!