2014 Masseto

An Italian Icon | By Pierre-Antoine Bollet | December 2017

Since its inaugural vintage in 1986, Masseto has earned the envied reputation of being one of Italy’s most desirable wines. Many wine collectors around the world consider Masseto a “must have” in their cellars. And we believe this status has been rightfully earned. The unique seven hectare vineyard, owned by the Frescobaldi Family, has demonstrated an intimate affinity with Merlot, and has consistently produced stunning wine.

The most recent vintage, 2014, was one of the most particular in Masseto’s history. Despite a cooler-than-average summer, the greatness of the terroir and the meticulous work in the vineyard allowed for full ripening. The result is an elegant and refined wine with red berries and spices on the nose and a smooth yet vibrant fruitiness on the palate.