Home to the Cellar of the Russian Tsars

Massandra, in the Crimea, was from the late nineteenth century the home to the cellar of the Russian Tsars.  The benignant climate of the region lends itself to vine growing, as the Tsars realised.  A range of varieties were cultivated and the most successful wines were identified as being the long lived, fortified wines made in the same way as vintage port.       

A selection of these wines were sold at a Sotheby’s auction in London in 1990 and 1991.  One of the buyers in those sales subsequently sold some bottles back to us here at Sotheby’s Wine in New York, having stored the wines professionally for the intervening 25+ years. 

From that collection we are pleased to offer a range of wartime era vintages.  These are among the rarest and most history-laden of all wines.  But rather than simply being time capsules, these are wonderful wines in their own right: sweet, powerful and with a long, satisfying finish – a true vinous treasure.

Each bottle comes labelled with the original Sotheby’s label and is packaged in an individual black and gold cardboard gift box.

Nicholas Jackson
Wine Buyer