Hedonistic Margaux from Château Palmer

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | August 11, 2022

Standing across the vineyards from Château Margaux, Château Palmer has long been considered second only to its neighbour when it comes to the finest wines of Margaux. Today, in spite of their proximity, the wines can be quite different. Margaux is all restrained nobility, while Palmer is one of Bordeaux's most sensual wines; an unabashed expression of Margaux's hedonistic perfume and velvety texture.

Of the Palmer wines we have available, the Alter Egos from 2014 and 2015 are warmly recommended; Alter Ego is now one of the highest performing second wines in the region and offers beauty and complexity without the price of the Grand Vin. Talking of the main wine, the 2012 and 2000 are gorgeous today; the 2005 and 2009 are very accessible but will continue to improve. And for curiosity, try a bottle of the scented Vin Blanc - a lovely recreation of the old white produced here until the 1930s.