Uncork Forts de Latour

A Force of Terroir in Its Own Right

By Sara Sparks | February 7, 2019

Tracing back the timeline of first-growth Bordeaux Chateau Latour will reveal how long this winery has been internationally recognized for its outstanding wine - since the 1700s! Latour officially released another wine in 1966 which featured a bit more Merlot and a significantly lower price.

While commonplace for exceptional chateaus to create a “second wine” from declassified barrels and young vines, few expressions garner the equivalent prestige of Les Forts de Latour.

Subtle differences distinguish Les Forts from the original Grand Vin of Chateau Latour. Also sourced from 50+ year old vines in the original Enclos vineyard, Les Forts embodies a unique terroir from contributions of prime vineyard sites in the Medoc acquired by the estate over the years.

While in some ways ready to drink sooner than the Grand Vin, Les Forts de Latour is ageable in its own right and regarded as a Grand Cru Classé-quality wine.

We offer an unparalleled selection of vintages of Les Forts, a highlight of our inventory. Recent releases of library vintages direct from Chateau Latour reinforce the prized status of this glorious wine.