Kistler - Eyrie - and More

Sara Sparks | May 29, 2021

When the weather outside warms and the evenings are sultry, I’m looking to drink a bright, juicy red that quenches my thirst and keeps me feeling light. Enter American Pinot, whether California or Oregon grown, to exactly fit the mood of summer.  

Pioneers like the Lett Family in Oregon and Steve Kistler in California have been toiling with Pinot Noir clones for decades. In fact, David Lett of Eyrie Vineyards was the first to bring Pinot to the Willamette Valley, an area now synonymous with the grape. Both producers like to highlight the quality of their sites with single vineyard bottlings. 

The range from Brick House exhibits effusive floral and berry notes while maintaining fine tannins and a lengthy finish. Small producers like Kutch and Chanin offer a dense, savory and herbed, lithe character, respectively, with their vintages. 

Most of us know Pinot as the light red on the wine list, but its ability to relay unique flavors from each soil type and climate is what continues to captivate its audience. This “expression of terroir,” as we like to call it, eludes generalizations. See for yourself which region and producer speaks to you.