JJ Confuron – Burgundy with Charm & Precision

Graham Tucker | October 15, 2020

Conscientious Pricing x Superb Quality

The price spectrum for Burgundy’s most revered wines can be challenging – so much so that when I do have the opportunity to taste legendary Premier or Grand Crus from the likes of Leroy or Dujac, I savor the experience to the very last drop. 

However, there is reason for optimism in some of Burgundy’s more inconspicuous and under-the-radar producers, who share many of the same philosophies and credos of their more famous colleagues. One such producer is JJ Confuron, run by the husband and wife team of Alain Meunier and Sophie Meunier-Confuron, a domaine we have admired for many years for their impressive quality at conscientious pricing. 

At about eight hectares in size, all vineyards are farmed organically and with meticulous precision. Confuron’s range of wines showcase the subtleties and nuances of their respective origins, yet they all share a familiar elegance, charm, and purity with an abundance of gorgeous and pronounced perfume. Especially the 2014 Les Chaboeufs – strikingly floral and deep with soft tannins. And the 2014 Clos de Vougeot is as close to a must buy as I’ve seen – a Grand Cru with an ordinate and approachable cost is a true rarity.