Irresistible Mature Bordeaux

Nicholas Jackson, MW | June 30, 2019

Conseillante - Pichon Lalande - Haut Brion - Leoville Las Cases - Montrose

Drinking Pleasure

Mature Bordeaux is one of the world’s great drinking pleasures. There’s something about those leathery, tobacco aromas, the soft, generous texture on the palate and the endless finish that mean that one glass is never enough. 

For the sake of drawing a line somewhere, I am calling pre-2005 wines ‘mature’, even though in the case of the best wines, especially the First Growths, many wines of this age have decades still to run.

My top picks for drinking now include glorious, plummy Conseillante from either 1995 or 2001; the great 1989 vintage from Pichon Lalande or Haut Brion (the latter considered one of the best Bordeaux of the last half century); the epic Leoville Las Cases 1990; and two brilliant St. Estephe wines from the millenium vintage: Cos d’Estournel and Montrose.