2015 Haut Brion in Half Bottles

Nick Jackson, MW | October 9, 2019

A Great Vintage

Opening a bottle of First Growth Bordeaux is always a special occasion. But sometimes it is too special an occasion - it can feel hard to justify a whole bottle on a Tuesday night by yourself.  But that’s why we love half bottles of First Growths.  Rarely seen, much sought-after and infinitely useful, the smaller format is so much more pliable than a 750ml. 

If you’re going down the half bottle route, a good place to start is with Haut Brion 2015.  2015 was the kind of vintage that suited Haut Brion so well: ample depth of fruit from this ripe year, coupled to fresh acidity and lovely terroir expression, with all those peaty, tobacco notes already emerging. This is a gorgeous wine in any format; in half bottle it’s almost irresistible.