Grower Champagne: Artisans of the Wine World

Graham Tucker | November 19, 2020

 Savart – Peters – Selosse

At Sotheby’s Wine, Champagne flows year-round. We enjoy consuming some of the region’s mainstays and grander houses (think Krug and Dom Perignon), we have made a conscientious effort over the past couple of years to enhance our selection of the region’s finest and most rewarding “Grower” Champagnes.  

The term, which has become rather omnipresent due its swift rise in popularity over the last decade, refers to a wine that is vinified by the same house or family that owns, manages and cultivates the vineyards. Simply put, the farmer has complete jurisdiction over the entire production process - from tending the vineyards, harvesting the grapes, to vinifying, bottling and ageing (and mostly also marketing and advertising).

Grower Champagne represents a singular vision between farmer and winemaker. The wines typically come from smaller, specific vineyards under the house’s control, making grower Champagne a seamless transition to consumers who enjoy site-specific, hand-crafted, and terroir-driven wines.

Some of my highlights are:

Savart – I consider this my benchmark for Grower Champagne due to the exceptional craftsmanship and quality, at an excellent price. All vineyards are farmed organically. I particularly enjoy the Accomplice and L’Ouverture due to their Pinot-dominated profile – they’re flavorful and forward yet precise and elegantly textured.

Pierre Peters – 100% Chardonnay. An historic and iconic grower dating back to the early 1900s. The wines across the range show an uncanny vibrancy, radiance and a razor-sharp linear quality. This should be at top of anyone’s list who enjoys mineral-driven cuvees.

Jacques Selosse – despite the Grower status, Selosse is as influential and talked about as any house in Champagne. Availability is minimal at best, to none-existent for the majority. If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting these profound wines, it is certainly an experience you’ll not soon forget.