Graham’s Vintage Port 2016

An Outstanding New Vintage Port: Graham’s 2016

By Nicholas Jackson | November 29, 2018

2016 is the first universally declared port vintage since the great 2011 vintage.  But the 2016 could not taste more different. Where 2011 was opulent and juicy, 2016 is linear, precise and pure – a classical style.

Many great ports were made in 2016, but arguably none is as good as the Graham’s 2016.  A nose of tar and dark fruits leads into a wonderfully seamless mouthful of ripe, succulent fruits.  The tannins are so rich and ripe that they are almost imperceptible. The wine is irresistible now, but it goes without saying that this is a 40 year plus wine.  We are in a golden era of vintage port, and Graham’s 2016 is one of its most recent, great stars.