A Vintage for the Ages

Brilliant 2016 from Jean-Marie Fourrier

By Pierre-Antoine Bollet | March 14, 2019

Jean-Marie Fourrier is a prominent figure in Burgundy. He established his reputation with a clear mindset: as little intervention as possible in the winemaking. Therefore, his wines are a natural reflection of the unique terroirs of Gevrey Chambertin, Morey Saint Denis and Vosne Romanee.

In 2016, Fourrier successfully produced high quality wines, precise and expressive, albeit in dramatically small quantities. Frost and some hail reduced the yields to unusually low levels, but a clement summer allowed for an excellent maturity at the time of harvest. A classic vintage that we are already enjoying now and will be discussing for many years. Diving into Fourrier’s brilliant 2016 is an exciting journey with one of Burgundy’s leading winemakers