Domaine Tempier

Victor Rabot | May 28, 2020


Just in time for the warmer days, we have just received the much loved and sought-after Domaine Tempier Rosé, as well as a range of the single vineyard selections from one of the most iconic estates in the South of France. 

In the last decades, Bandol has been in the spotlight for their generous rosés, but it is the production of red wines that put the appellation on the map, with producers like Domaine Tempier, Gros Noré and Pibarnon.

In the 70’s, the Peyraud family decided to bottle single vineyards to express the different terroirs:

Migoua: The cuvée with the least amount of Mourvèdre and highest percentage of Grenache, is made from an average of 45 to 50 years old vines and located in the highest part of the estate, around 300 meters.

La Tourtine: The cuvée with the most Mourvèdre, with a bit of Grenache and Cinsault, from 50+ year old vines. Tourtine tends to be more powerful and concentrated than the other cuvées from the estate.

Cabassaou: is on the lower part on Tourtine vineyard, located on small terraces, hidden from the wind, with a maximum exposure to the sun, producing a wine with exceptional aging potential.

With time, the reds develope notes of tobacco and spices, but retain pleasant black fruit aromas. For me, for the quality, these wines are exceptionally good value.

I recommend decanting the reds for at least two hours before pouring, in order to let the beauty of the Mourvèdre shine in your glass.