Château Margaux: Four Decades of Magnificence

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | September 13, 2022

Wine lovers like to argue about their favourite First Growth Bordeaux. Even on the occasions Château Margaux does not top the list, it usually garners most second-place votes. It is a universal passion, and for good reason. Margaux's ineffable perfume and remarkably silky texture are lessons in the full potential of Cabernet Sauvignon when planted in the right places.

We are pleased to offer nine vintages. The 1983 and 1996 are reference points, of course; easy candidates for the best wine of their respective vintages. Don't overlook the 1998, which is drinking beautifully today, or the 2005, a monumental year which is beginning to deliver on its great promise. Or buy a few vintages and construct a vertical tasting: you will have few more rewarding evenings in your tasting life.