Château Lafleur: Unlike Anything Else

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | June 22, 2022

Château Lafleur remains something of an under-appreciated wine among Bordeaux lovers. This is mysterious because Lafleur is simply one of the region's great wines; arguably second only to Pétrus in Pomerol. Perhaps the reason is that Lafleur is not quite like anything else in Bordeaux; it has a particularly strong individual character.

Lafleur's distinctive style is due in part to its brilliant Bouchet (some of Bordeaux's finest Cabernet Franc), which contributes a huge, floral, spicy nose to the wine. On the palate, the supple Merlot fruit emerges, but not in blockbuster form. Lafleur is a wine of finesse rather than power, displaying intricacy and detail rather than density. These virtues are showcased in the vintages we have available, which lean towards freshness rather than power. This means that you can drink all of these vintages with pleasure today.