Chateau Conseillante

Graham Tucker | October 12, 2019

Elegant and Refined

The wines of Pomerol have a distinct personality and mystique. The Merlot-dominated wines are rich, layered and textured; they’re among the longest-lived in Bordeaux. Aromas and flavors of exotic spices, herbs, darks fruits, and plums are common. And despite their density, you’ll find the best expressions have notable freshness, elegance and a characteristic velvety quality. 

Chateau Conseillante has always been my benchmark for how enchanting and charming the wines of Pomerol can be: they consistently produce among the most refined, harmonious, and perfumed styles of the region. I particularly enjoy the 2001, one of my favorite vintages on the right bank. It’s showing beautifully and is a great place to start if you’re new to Conseillante - still displays lots of freshness with a long, silky finish. For Conseillante at its peak, I would recommend the 1998 - medium bodied, polished, and showing nice development. For a real treat, try the 1989 - layers of cocoa, smoke and truffle. It’s fully developed and really showcases the grandeur and sublimity of mature Pomerol. And not to be outdone is the Chateau’s second wine, Duo de Conseillante. The 2016 is an incredible value - excellent purity of fruit, flavorful and layered, yet easy drinking and approachable.