Bordeaux Majesty from Haut-Brion and La Mission

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | April 26, 2022

Effortless Complexity

Domaine Clarence Dillon is fortunate to own not only one Bordeaux First Growth, Château Haut-Brion, but also a contender to be a First Growth - Château La Mission Haut-Brion. Although across the road from one another, the differences between the two are quite pronounced, with Haut-Brion showing effortless complexity and textural finesse, while La Mission tends to be more brooding, powerful and dense.

Of the vintages currently available, it's hard to beat Haut-Brion in the landmark vintages of 2005 and 2010; these are among the great Bordeaux wines of recent decades. In La Mission, 2008 is already drinking well, while 2016 will be a legendary wine in years to come.

Finally, don't miss the white wine produced from both properties, Clarté - this is a wonderfully vibrant, aromatic, complex wine, blended from zesty Semillon and fruity Sauvignon Blanc.