Aubert: A Collection of California’s Golden Greats

Cat Stephani | September 15, 2022

Masterfully crafted from an array of distinctive vineyards across Sonoma and Napa Valley, the golden wonders of Aubert remain cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike as some of California’s most sought-after classics.

This is full-bodied finesse at its finest. Aubert’s opulent style of single-site Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are harvested at extremely low yields from a meticulous selection of vine material, much of which traces its genetic lineage back to Burgundy. While remarkably immense in terms of flavor and dimension, a focus on warm sites within cool, slow-ripening regions brings great complexity and balance to these expressive, oak-framed beauties.

The exacting standards behind Marc Aubert’s approach to winemaking are no surprise considering the illustrious path he forged at Peter Michael and Colgin earlier in his career. Founding Aubert with his wife Teresa in 1998, these luscious wines draw from a repertoire of vineyards spanning the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast, as well as Carneros and the couple’s hometown of Rutherford in Napa.

Now lauded as one of Sonoma’s top sites for Chardonnay, Ritchie Vineyard was Aubert’s first source for Chardonnay, as well as nearby Rueling.

Lauren, Powder House, Park Avenue, and CIX are fine examples of Aubert’s Sonoma Coast Estate Vineyards, each of which are planted with carefully selected clones amongst the region’s distinctive Goldridge soils. While Lauren Vineyard offers the most concentrated wine of the repertoire, Eastside stands apart as the sole Russian River Valley Estate Chardonnay, the rocky site a distinguishing aspect of its terroir.

A long-standing partnership with their late, esteemed vineyard manager - Ulises Valdez - brings the eponymously named UV and UV-SL vineyard sites to the fold. In addition to being a driving force behind Aubert, Valdez achieved his own fame over the years by owning and managing some of Sonoma’s top vineyards.

Though a vast majority of the estate’s fruit comes from Sonoma, Aubert also draws from a handful of interesting Napa sites. One such is the playfully named Sugar Shack, hailing from the small parcel of land that surrounds his home in Rutherford. In Carneros, the Larry Hyde & Sons vineyard is a cooler site that benefits from the maritime influence of San Pablo Bay. The site is propagated with a rare clone of Chardonnay, hand selected for Aubert by Larry Hyde of Napa acclaim.

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