An Ode to Sonoma Terroir

Kistler Chardonnay, Timeless and Appealing

By Sara Sparks | March 28, 2019

My eyes opened wider the first time I tasted Kistler Vineyards’ Chardonnay several years ago. Ripe tropical fruit aromas should have indicated its West Coast origin, but a lengthy finish and seamless spice seemed other-worldly at the time I sipped. It’s no surprise these whites have earned innumerable comparison to white Burgundy.  

And by most accounts “Burgundian” is the highest compliment you can give Chardonnay from, well, not Burgundy. However, I believe Kistler demonstrates a distinctive and seductive expression measured not by historical reference, but rather hedonistic delight. 
Limited in quantity and feverishly sought by collectors, get a taste of Kistler Chardonnay while you can.