A St. Emilion High Point: Château Figeac

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | September 17, 2022

Among the great wines of St. Emilion, Figeac has a character all its own. Its unusual gravelly soils lend themselves to a higher than usual proportion of the two Cabernets: Franc and Sauvignon, rather than the conventional reliance on Merlot. The result is a wine of purity and precision, with a remarkable chiseled clarity to the aromas and flavours.

This hunt for purity of expression has been accentuated in recent vintages, and I would argue that the market is yet to catch up with how good these wines really are. They are some of the most thrilling terroir-expressive wines of the Right Bank of Bordeaux, and yet the prices remain within reach. To see such appetising success in modest vintages like 2012 or 2014 speaks volumes; the great years of 2009, 2010 and 2015 speak for themselves.