A Defiant Dauvissat Returns

Cat Stephani | September 6, 2021

Can you imagine a year without Chablis? It is believed winemakers across the region were unable to share a single bottle with the world back in 1945. A hard frost silenced vines tucked along the banks of the Serein river that year, a common plight shared amongst Dauvissat and the fellow vignerons who would endure to become the myths of White Burgundy they are today.

Fortunately for us, recent releases from the elusive domaine continue to chisel remarkable distinction from their legendary holdings. 

Traditionalists will welcome the steely vivacity captured in the classic style of 2014, while a subtle linear sheen compliments the more opulent wines of 2015.  

Though close to half of the Domaine’s crops were painfully claimed by hail in vintages that followed, Dauvissat’s 2016 and 2017 wines triumph nonetheless, the 2016 Les Clos a testament to the nuanced depth the Domaine perennially summons in it’s elegant embrace of northernly terrain.

We count ourselves amongst the Dauvissat devotees undeterred in our pursuit of these scarce wonders. Join us in discovering the most recent arrivals of this singular domaine.