A Bordeaux Trailblazer: Château Pontet Canet

Biodynamic Innovation in Pauillac

Under the ownership of Alfred Tesseron, Château Pontet Canet stands apart in the Medoc thanks to its history, agriculture, and biodynamic approach.

Pontet Canet is a true pioneer in fully embracing biodynamic farming. From the use of horses to cultivate the vineyards, to a hands-off approach in winemaking, everything at Pontet Canet is geared towards expressing its outstanding Pauillac terroir. The result? Wines of particularly glossy, heady, dark, fruity character with great precision on the palate. This is brilliant and a totally distinctive Bordeaux.

We are happy to offer seven vintages of Pontet Canet, back to 2000. I love their impressive power, concentration, and persistence on the palate. The 2000, 2004 and 2005 show splendid mature aromas of leather and black truffle already. More recent vintages will stun you with their brilliant fresh black fruit and rich mouthfeel, especially after decanting. All will further develop over many years, they are a staple in any good Bordeaux collection.

Pierre-Antoine Bollet