25 Years of Brilliant Brunello: Soldera, Valdicava, and More

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | July 26, 2022

I always get the impression that Brunello di Montalcino is a wine more discussed than tasted; a pity, since the top producers make some of the best wines in Italy. From this southern part of Tuscany, Brunello combines the warmth of fruit with an aromatic and acidic lift, all wrapped up in a classic Tuscan profile of sour red fruits, balsamic and notes of warm spice.

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of the best producers, spanning 25 years. How about three vintages of sensational Valdicava, including the Madonna Riserva from the 2016 vintage, or if you prefer older wine, the 2006? Or elusive Soldera from the mid-90s?

Meanwhile, for more everyday purposes, look to Poggione, Lisini or Val di Suga - authentic, pure expressions of this remarkable terroir.