The Outstanding 2016 Denis Mortet

The Outstanding 2016 Denis Mortet

By Pierre-Antoine Bollet | March 23, 2019

Denis Mortet quickly rose to fame in the 1990s with his exceptional ability to express the unique “climats” of his Domaine. His son, Arnaud, began managing the Domaine after Denis’ tragic death and proves to be as talented as his father. He expanded the biodynamic techniques in the winemaking and continues to build on the tremendous vineyard knowledge his father left him.

Due to yields at least 20% less than the prior year, combined with frost and a cool spring which delayed the vine development, the 2016 vintage is very scarce. On the bright side, it is a very serious rival to the celebrated 2015, with a more classic, balanced style. In any case, 2016 certainly has as much ageing potential. 

We look forward to enjoying these 2016 Mortet now and for many years to come.