2015 Bordeaux

Graham Tucker | August 11, 2020

Revisiting a Phenomenal Vintage at 5 Years Old

It is easy to forget that just five years ago, Bordeaux experienced one of its finest harvests ever. While many of us might be focused on the slightly more top-of-mind 2016 vintage, or perhaps starting to consume the exemplary Grand Vins from 2009 and 2010, it is worth reflecting on and appreciating how captivating and consummate 2015 was, and still is to this day (and even going forward…)

Weather conditions were quite welcome – warm, dry summer moderated by a cool picking-season. The wines that followed were simply a product that every Bordeaux drinker appreciates: abundant fruit and beautiful ripeness, along with fresh acidity, balance and nuance. 2015 also has a lot to offer more novice consumers of the region – although a rich vintage, you’ll find plenty of polish and round edges that make many of the wines approachable today. However, 2015 is also a vintage that rewards patience, especially on the Right Bank where the wines are spectacular (Eglise-Clinet & Evangile to name a couple…)

Finally, I appreciate the depth of this wonderful vintage. The Langoa Barton and Reserve de la Comtesse offer wonderful typicity at very reasonable prices. And looking for a serious but casual white, the Champ Libres is flavorful and full, yet crisp and easy drinking.