2009 Bordeaux

Nicholas Jackson, MW | May 23, 2019

Figeac - Langoa Barton - Lynch Bages - Montrose - Mouton

A Historic Year 
We never need an excuse to open a few bottles from a great Bordeaux year, but 10 years on from 2009 provides more reason than ever to check in on this historic vintage.

The wines have always been intensely fruit driven, with an opulent, spicy character stemming from the warm summer.  There's a richness and succulence which is unusual in Bordeaux, and it's this that makes them so irresistible and distinctive.  

Drinking Now
One of the virtues of 2009 as a vintage is that it's always been approachable.  But now we can say with confidence that it is maturing relatively quickly in Bordeaux terms.  Many wines already offer so much pleasure today: Figeac, Grand Puy Lacoste, Lafon Rochet, Branaire Ducru, Langoa Barton, Lynch Bages and Talbot all show soft, well integrated tannins and layers of rich flavour.  
Of course these wines will age effortlessly for another 10 years plus, but with additional age, the very top wines of the vintage will start to shine.  These include Montrose, Mouton, Margaux and Ausone - all landmark wines for their respective estates and showing the full potential of this great vintage.

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