Clos des Corvées: Prieuré Roch’s Iconic Monopole

Lucien Michel | October 1, 2020

Including theVery First Vintage: 2002

The “Clos des Corvées” vineyard is the iconic monopole of Domaine Prieuré Roch, coming from part of Nuits-St-Georges’s 1er Cru “Aux Corvées.” Originally, this vineyard was where the people of Prémeaux worked, giving this parcel its name: “corvée” meaning "chore" in French. Nowadays, this name resonates differently in the wine world, thanks to the surge in quality driven by Domaine Prieuré Roch.

The 5.13 hectare monopole is the largest parcel of the 7.54-hectare “Aux Corvées” vineyard. It is my favorite wine from this cult domaine and also one of my most preferred vineyards in the whole of Nuits-St-Georges. The terroir always shines through: powerful, structured and highly perfumed, these are long-lived wines that express a lot of nobility. Undersized berries or “millerandés” gives this wine more concentration than others from the appellation.
We have several vintages to offer, in bottles and magnums, including a single bottle from the very first vintage made by Prieuré Roch in 2002! That's as rare as it gets!

These wines have a magical way of being both so enjoyable in their youth but also aging gracefully for decades.